“ELDE is inspired by modern Scandinavian rituals in beauty,
based on the best efficient natural technology.”

– Vemund Eldegard

Established in 2009, and grounded in a commitment to authenticity, ELDE creates beautiful, meaningful and effective cosmetics. We source ingredients from all over the world, because our earth is full of natural plants and botanicals that can deliver exquisite results to your skin. We harvest these ingredients and blend them together to create luxurious products with optimal fast-acting results. Still being natural and organic, we offer fresh textures, good smells, and a new standard for green products. Now you can put your best face forward without sacrificing your health and without exposing it to dangerous chemicals in cosmetics.

Our products are made by our own team in Førde, Norway. ELDE is a cruelty-free brand. We do not test on animals and never ask others to do so on our behalf. Our products are “people-tested.”

Our Important Ethical and Clean Values

At its core lies our important values of production and harvesting of materials. We only make our products ourselves, in our own facility in Førde, Norway. No shortcuts, no outsourcing. When sourcing raw materials we never use animal derived/produced ingredients. We also deal with small community and fair trade projects in Africa, India and around the world through our partners.

Since ELDE is a natural and organic brand, to ensure the quality of our products, they are always free of many toxic ingredients. Including parabens, PEGs, syntethic parfume, sulfates, mineral oil, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone and much more.

See our list of banned ingredients

The Founding Story

The story started out in Norway in 2009, when our then 14-year-old founder Vemund Eldegard looked for safe and natural products on the Norwegian market. He desperately wanted products that were effective but did not use toxic and harmful ingredients.

Most natural products back then were made of oils and waxes, with strange textures, heavy smells and were nothing like traditional products.

The solution came to life when Vemund became so frustrated and came up with the idea of taking natural products to the next level with very specific formulas, fresh luxurious textures, and advanced ingredients. He produced his products in small batches in the valley in Førde and sold to friends, and family. Eight years later we sell our amazing products to large stores internationally and ELDE is today the most advanced natural cosmetic line in Norway.

“I wanted to create something just as good as traditional skin care, only safe, natural and vegan.”

– Vemund Eldegard